Little Black Dresses

Little Black Dresses

Ahhh the LBD, the forever piece in our closet, the go-to when we have an occasion coming up. It’s true, black looks good on everyone and makes you appear thinner. But can you wear the wrong style black dress for your body type? The answer is.. kind of. 

I have compiled a few of my favorite black dresses that you really can’t go wrong with, but I want to suggest what really looks good on your body shape. I was listening to a podcast about match making (Patty Stanger) and she mentioned a term when you go out with someone you don’t want to think “he’s just not that into you” but instead, “he wasn’t a match for you” And I had an ah ha! moment, the same goes for clothing. Let’s reset our brain to think “this isn’t a match for me and MY body shape” instead of “this doesn’t look good on me because of xyz” and I promise you’ll find something that does.

Here are some specific styles for specific body shapes:

The Asymmetrical Midi- this is best for someone taller with an athletic body shape. Got no curves and broader shoulders? This is a perfect style for you.

Form fitting mini dresses- this is for my shorter gal. Even if it’s tight, the shorter length will emphasize your legs. You’re lucky, you can get away with short styles and still look polished 

Ruffle sleeves- this is for women with a bigger chest. You might think the opposite, but a puff sleeve is the most flattering for you.

Open Back dresses- this is for the flat chested girl. You don’t have to worry about them falling out and all you need is a sticky 



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