New denim line!

New denim line!

I haven’t carried too much denim in the store, the truth of the matter is I am picky with my denim and I know I’m not alone on this one. Denim is denim is denim, to me. I’ve never thought we needed to break the bank on this one, but that doesn’t mean I don’t stand for high quality. I think the most important aspect is the fit, does it fit your body the way it should and is it flattering to your specific body shape? I’m also not a fan of the trendy denim styles being in or out. To me the Skinny, Flare, Straight leg, Wide leg will all be in style, it’s just a matter of the season and what you are wearing on top. I was blown away at the style and FIT of this denim line, Unpublished Denim. The even better part, it certainly won’t break the bank. We’re talking great quality jeans under $130. Trust me, you will become obsessed and keep coming back for more. Check out our high rise dark wash flare and traditional Unpublished Denim White Skinny jean. These were the most slimming and flattering of all the styles thus far. Let us know what ya think!

Unpublished Denim 


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