Transition pieces

Transition pieces

This time of year is the worst. While everyone else in the country is starting to enjoy Spring we are just starting Winter. Doesn’t the winter seem to come so much later now? This brings me to my next point, you want to buy Spring clothes but you know you’re going to be cold and almost feel uncomfortable wearing it. Transition pieces are so important this time of year. Focus on buying clothes that can easily add an extra layer, a bright color (but long sleeves) and something that pairs nicely with denim. Here a few examples are good transition pieces:

DH NY sweater dress combo- so obvious right? It’s so hard to find a dress for this time of year because brands tend to come out with sleeveless dresses. DH New York, (New York) gets it, they know it’s still freaking cold so they make great options for us while still being dressy enough. A customer just bought this for Easter, duh, why didn’t I think of that?

Central Park West Vest- so great for layering, over a dress, over a short sleeve top, over long sleeves. It adds an extra layer while still looking chic, no matter what is paired underneath. 

Line and Dot sweater dress- Long sleeve, knit and bright colors. The perfect Spring dress for us. Easter, showers, Mother’s Day she is perfect for Spring events.

Krisa Off shoulder top- again with the bright colors, but long sleeves and it pairs perfectly with denim.

Rosie Dress- A sweatshirt/Terry cloth dress that can be worn on the weekends. Great with flats or sneakers, all you need is some self tanner on your legs!



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