Summer White Dresses

Summer White Dresses

Summer white dresses are here and we are here for it 🙌🏼. Our seasons are (unfortunately) so short in New England that we really have to take advantage of seasonal dressing. We have some unique and gorgeous white (also ivory) dresses in store right now. I say unique for a specific reason, most of the brands we carry are very specific in what boutiques they sell too and vice versa. Plus, they only produce a certain amount of products for each season so once it’s gone, it’s gone. Here are some of our favorite white dresses that have a unique twist to them.


We are Sundays Kaya Dress in seersucker. The seersucker fabric gives it a very nautical vibe yet the sillouette is slimming and sexy. I wore this in Miami and was totally vibing.

Susana Monaco Poplin Dress. OMG this dress is amazing. Anyone that knows SM knows the amazing quality fabrics, so when a cotton poplin came out we knew it would be a win win. It’s NOT see thru and has adjustable straps.

DH New York Layla dress. We are obsessed with this brand, known for their knits and sweaters they do a Spring line with these gorgeous lightweight knits. 

Krisa Crepe dress in white. This dress is stunning , flattering and also has a professional twist to it. 


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