Trending -Holiday in Red

Trending -Holiday in Red

Red has always been a favorite color of mine, maybe because I am an Aries, but I’ve always just felt my best when I wear it. It’s also a great color on every complexion, brunette or blonde, I’d even say it’s slightly better on blondes. When I heard red was going to be trending this season, I knew I needed to get my hands on a few red statement pieces. I think the point of wearing red is to stand out and there’s sort of a natural confidence that comes along with it. We almost have an extra spring in our step and glow to our skin. We have so many unique and gorgeous red stylish pieces that will make you feel confident and powerful:

The phillipdress offers a chic, modern and almost sexy-office-like vibes. A best seller for this brand, she’s already sold out on Revolve, Line and Dot and Bloomingdale’s. 

The @Dakota Dress  offers a more feminine vibe, we love this paired with a brown boot and even belted to give it a more rustic vibe. It’s a super soft cotton terry fabric.

The ÉTICA Charley Biker dress, OMG we cannot keep this in stock! It’s sooo cool, edgy and different. There’s truly nothing like it. 

The Krisa Off Shoulder top, this has been a core best seller for them. The color red is just about perfect, the off the shoulder detail is elegant and sexy. A top you will always get complimented on. 

The Krisa Draped Midi dress, this is a dress that doesn’t do it justice on the hanger, but it’s the most stunning and gorgeous dress on. It has a berry red hue to it, so you can also take her on vacation trips or as a wedding guest. 

Tis the season!




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